The Halton Hills Sports Museum & Resource Centre is governed by a Board of Directors whose membership includes representation from Halton Hills Council, the Town of Halton Hills, various sporting associations and interested volunteers.  The mandate of the Board of Directors is threefold:

 > To collect, restore, preserve and display historically significant artefacts and memorabilia which recognize the important social and community developmental contributions that sport has played in the Town of Halton Hills.

 > To plan and present an annual Hall of Fame Awards program to recognize outstanding athletic achievement of individuals within our community  and also to recognize the very significant volunteer contribution of individual citizens to the development of sporting traditions in Halton Hills.   

To promote the education, teaching and research and publication of all fields of endeavour related to the sporting history of Halton Hills.

Museum Management Committee

The Museum Management Committee is composed of volunteers:  Finn Poulstrup, Bob Hooper, Glenda Nixdorf, Mark Rowe.
Bruce Andrews and Glenda Nixdorf under the direction of the Management Committee have developed exhibits for the Museum and are creating a permanent collection of artefacts and memorabilia.  It is a daunting responsibility. 

The Management Committee is also responsible for the development of our Museum websit to comminicate to the general public.

Museum Development

The Halton Hills Sports Museum & Resource Centre is located on the second floor of the Gordon Alcott Arena in a multi-purpose meeting room.  We are fortunate to have permanent exhibition display cabinets and our goal is to have as many sports organizations represented in our displays.  

Creating an Archive  

A museum’s archive consists of its permanent collection which includes written material, photographs and artefacts which support the mandate of the museum.  Since our permanent collection is presently being created, we are asking for your support to help our collection grow.  We would like to receive photographs, programs, club newsletters, minutes and artefacts which document the history of an individual or sport organization in Halton Hills.  If you would like to make a contribution please call: Glenda Nixdorf - 905 873-1360 or e-mail to:

Museum Website                                         

The Halton Hills Sports Museum & Resource Centre website is under the supervision of the Management Committee and is being updated.  We hope that you will find this site both interesting and informative and that you will continue to visit our site as we grow and develop.